T2 Taximeters on Malta and Gozo

A familiar face to greet holiday makers..

A familiar face to greet holiday makers..

Visitors to the holiday islands of Malta and Gozo will be pleased to learn that their taxi fares will be worked out by an Aquila T2 Mk II Taximeter, one of which will be fitted to each of the 250 taxis on the islands.

A review of taxi services on Malta and Gozo included the mandatory use of taximeters from 1st May 2006 on all 250 taxis licensed in the country.

For the past two years, Aquila Electronics has been working with taxi owners and drivers, and the the Maltese Transport Authority, and we a pleased to confirm that the first T2’s were fitted in February 2006.

Aquila provided training on the installation and operation of the meters, and continue to provide ongoing support.

So, by the time the Summer tourist season starts, visitors to Malta can be confident that they will be charged the correct fare for their journeys from the airport, or during short visits on their Mediterranean Cruise.