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Aquila Taximeter Dealers benefit from the full support and experience of Aquila staff and access to the service we call "Aquila On-Line". We provide a next-day delivery service and same-day supply of tariff programs to help you provide the service your customers expect.

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Dealer Software

Taximeter Programming System

Software is provided to dealers to allow them to write their own tariff programmes. You have the option of programming tariffs yourself using the Tariff Programming software, or getting us to program tariffs for you, and downloading the tariff program from Aquila On-Line.

Tariff Maker/Mirror Maker

Dealers easily program tariffs into the meters, using software we provide.

Aquila Online

Through our on-line service, we provide tariffs, technical support and service support. All dealers are provided with Tariff Programming Equipment and given full support on-line.

Programming Equipment

Aquila provides programming equipment and support for all of its taximeter products.