Aquila Electronics Limited

Specialist Manufacturer and Supplier of Taximeters and Accessories.

The M12 Mirror Meter

The M12 Mirror Meter brings style and quality to the Aquila range...

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The T2 Taximeter

The T2, and later the T2 Mk II, have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy companions for the professional driver...

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The T-Tiny

The T-Tiny, and its younger sibling, the T-Micro, are Aquila's uniquely compact but full-featured taximeter products...

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Become a Dealer

Aquila Taximeter Dealers benefit from the full support and experience of Aquila staff and access to the service we call "Aquila On-Line". We provide a next-day delivery service and same-day supply of tariff programs to help you provide the service your customers expect.

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