Aquila Taximeters in Zimbabwe

An African Adventure...

Aquila T2 Mk II Taximeters can now be found in the southern African state of Zimbabwe, now that staff at Harare and Bulawayo-based fleet operator, City Cab, have been fully trained by Aquila staff in their installation and use.

In November 2006, a joint team from Aquila and its Scottish partner, CabCom, spent a week in Zimbabwe assisting City Cab with its first installations and training the staff there. The 200-strong taxi fleet are now being kitted out with Aquila taximeters.

Training the City Cab staff turned out to be very straightforward, so the team from the UK were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to take a trip to the Victoria Falls area of Zimbabwe, to visit some of the country’s spectacular countryside, and see some African wildlife first-hand.