Receipt Printer

Our meters have the capability to create complex receipt printouts and output them to a suitable receipt printer. This is all based on our Receipt Scripting Language which allows Aquila to design receipts to exactly meet its customers' requirements.

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CR-01 Receipt Printer

Printer compatible with the M12 Mirror Taximeter.

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Infra-Red Remote Control

An optional 7-button coded remote control unit makes the T-Tiny even easier to operate, and further opens up the choice of possible mounting locations.

AV Interface

The Aquila Taximeter AV Interface is a unique product which allows the output from an Aquila taximeter (T2 or T-Tiny) to be displaid on any video device, or to be heard in plain language on an audio system or separate speaker. If you need further adviuce on what can be achieved, please contact you local dealer or Aquila directly.

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